Undoubtedly Aurangabad is noted for Beedi Industries. Naturally most of the students are the off-spring of Beedi workers. Poverty, Perils, Pangs, hardship and mal-nourishment are the life-long companions of the learners of Aurangabad. Amidst such adverse circumstances the students are born and brought up here. But some local Madhyamk, H.S School and Madrasha quench the educational thirst of the pupils. Again in 1967 Aurangabad D.N.C. college enkindled the torch of higher education. After having graduation the students of Aurangabad are bound to loiter from pillar to post to complete job-oriented Bachelor of Education. To study B.Ed. course in Kolkata is beyond the imagination of the down-trodden, il-fed, and ill-clad and ill-fated students of Aurangabad. What a deplorable plight it was ! In spite of being an Industrialist the heart of Jakir Hossain heard a knock knocking the bell of quality-based education. But a question peeps in his heart "who will come forward to translate my dream into reality ?" In such juncture of mind he ransacks dauntless educated youth to materialize his dormant dream. Fortunately Dipak Das, a pleader, leader and energetic youth came forward to implement the academic plans and programs of Mr. Jakir and another educated youth named Bibhas Sarkar also shared the noble deed. With a view to nurturing dreams cherished by Hon'ble Jakir Hossain this J.S. PTTI. was inaugurated

Some Importent Documents :

Affidavit for consent for number of units
Details of Infrastructure
Details of Management of the institution
Details of Teaching & Non-Teaching Staff
Fire Safety Certificate
Fixd Deposit (Endowment Fund & Reserve Fund)
Student details for session 2016-18
Student details for session 2017-19
List of Practice Teaching School Approved by D.I.


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